A highly effective

process that generates

CO2 and H2 at once

Using today’s air for a circular tomorrow:
Low-cost, robust technology that captures atmospheric CO2 and produce precious hydrogen in the process.

Greenlyte has developed a low energy, low capex process for the capture and utilization of CO2 from gas streams, particularly ambient air. In addition, H2 is obtained for subsequent conversion of CO2 and H2 to hydrocarbons increasing the technology’s profitability. It is a fully cyclic approach, i.e. the used absorbent is regenerated in the electrolysis and then reused for absorption. The process is protected by several patent families in various stages of application.

1 – absorption in a liquid sorbent solution
2 – precipitation as hydrogen carbonate
3 – desorption by electrolysis.

Process diagram of Greenlyte's DAC Technology


Ambient air (CO2-rich) flows through an absorber and thereby the CO2 reacts with Greenlyte’s proprietary absorbent to form hydrogen carbonate. The air leaving the absorber is now depleted from CO2 (CO2-lean). The basic principle behind this process is similar to the well-known Benfield process, but stating drastically improved reaction kinetics.



The solid hydrogen carbonate is dissolved in a proprietary electrolytic stack. Desorption is performed by alkaline water electrolysis resulting in the release of CO2, H2 and O2 from the hydrogen carbonate as pure gas streams. This also regenerates the absorbent, which is then returned to the absorption step.



By 2050, experts predict that we will have to remove 10GT of CO2 from the atmosphere every year to to reduce global warming below 1.5-2 degrees Celsius. Our process can be adapted to run within a wide range of both temperatures and relative humidities making it deployable in a majority of locations. Moreover, the ability to decouple both absorption and desorption over longer periods of time, allows for usage of fluctuating, green energy sources.

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