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As our ambition is tremendous, we seek to assemble a team of the brightest scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

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We communicate fact based, open, direct and respectful and encourage
bilateral feedback
Driven learning
We help each other to perform our jobs at the best level and encourage a continuous learning
Done is better
than perfect
We are pragmatic and diligent at the same time
Passion for purpose
We are passionate about our vision and prioritise our work tasks always inline with our higher goals
We value outcome over output and take responsibility for our actions
Florian Hildebrand
Founder & CEO
Nishigandha Patil
Absorption Technology Engineer
Julius Walorski
Plant Upscaling Engineer
Dr. Xi Shi
Dr. Peter Behr
Founder & CSO
Dr. Sebastian Kukla
Lead Design Engineer
Lynn Winkler
Working Student R&D
Vincent Daub
Senior Business Development Engineer
Frederik Lohmann
Test Stand Engineer
Dr. Friederike Reissig
Lead Chemist
Rafael Bellot
Electrolysis Upscaling Engineer
Martin Schmickler
Chief of Staff
Alexander Elz
Head of CEO Office
Dr. Niklas Friederichsen
Founder & COO
Miriam Hoffmann
Lab Assistant
Maximilian Kadelka
Junior Engineer
Henry Zupke
Fabrication Lead
Dr. Tintula Kottakkat
Senior Engineer Electrolysis
Torsten Knoll
Development Engineer
Arnd Buse
Industrial Mechanic
Muhamed Erciyes
Working Student Marketing
Jan Haase
Founders Associate
Ricarda Kollhoff
Head of Laboratory
Luke Sandelin
Development Engineer
Denis Muhra
Design Engineer
Aagam Shah
Working Student Absorption
Alexander Sanchez Couceiro
Karina Bulatova
Working Student R&D
Fabian Stief
Assistant Fabrication
Lucas van Laak
Head of People
Sabine Eißing
Executive Assistant
Dr. Gumaa Elnagar
Lead Electrochemist Engineer
Stefan Lassahn
Gero Pöhlau
Working Student R&D
Chris Brown
Interim Head of People
Britt Knautz
Working Student Management
Minh Michael Nguyen
Working Student Management
Abhijit Dey
Working Student R&D
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