Sustainable innovation

flourishing from deep

industrial roots

Greenlyte Carbon Technologies was founded in 2022 by two serial entrepreneurs and a DAC researcher with 15 years of experience. With its location in Essen, the company is surrounded by leading technical universities as well as global chemical, industrial, and energy giants.

Ruhr reborn

In a world at a critical crossroads, Greenlyte stands at the forefront of a pivotal decision: the definite shift to sustainability.

Born in the Ruhr area, a historical hub of industrialization, Greenlyte is transforming the legacy into a beacon of environmental progress with its innovative direct air capture technology.

Our journey is deeply rooted in the Ruhr area, where coal and steel once defined progress. Today, these same grounds are the birthplace of a new revolution, led by our commitment to an eco-friendly future. We are redefining the narrative of progress, replacing coal's smog with clean skies and sustainable energy.

Using advanced technology, Greenlyte captures atmospheric CO2 and converts it into green energy sources, fuels and storage. A symbol of the Ruhr's transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a leader in green technology.

Embracing this spirit, Greenlyte is not just innovating; this is about leading a global path towards ecological balance. With a vision that extends beyond economic metrics to environmental harmony. We are setting a new course for a cleaner, greener future, proving that from deep industrial roots, sustainable innovation can flourish.


per year
We're committed to capture 100MT CO2 p.a. by 2050

We have raised €20m to cycle the sky

Greenlyte in the media

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